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Website Assignment

Designing a website for a client requires you to follow a brief. The client brief is the document that outlines what the client wants, research, design sketches and prototypes, client presentation and feedback and evaluation. You are going to design a portfolio website for a working artist. The brief is attached:
website assessment task

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Exam Revision

In order to prepare for your midyear exam you can look at the following list and read through your textbooks.

  • The difference between raster images and vector images
  • Copyright, trademarks and intellectual property
  • The design process including principles and elements
  • Logo design, sketches and storyboards
  • 2D animation techniques including tweening, dope sheets, storyboarding, keyframing, motion guides
  • Storage, archiving and retreiving information
  • The role of the designer
  • Testing, prototyping
  • Read through your text books particularly about the design process, evaluating design and feedback
    Read about the principles and elements of design in particular color, balance, repetition, harmony, shape to be able to discuss design questions
  • Also read through 3D design concepts including Booleans, splines and other terminology in order to answer questions about 3D. You have this information in the photocopied booklets distributed at the start of the year.
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