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Manga Images

Download these images and use your tools in Photoshop to create colored Manga images. You will need to click the images and open them to their original size before right clicking and copying the image into your documents before you can open them in photoshop. They must be large images that you use, not the thumbnails.

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In the last lesson we worked on the Scarecrow and used layers and various tools to create a picture.
Today we will look at using Shortcuts including the following:
Arrow Tool: V
Brush Tool: B
Lasson Tool: L
Paint Bucket/Gradient: G
Marquee Tool: M
Background/Forground Color Default: D
Deselection Tool: Cntrl D
Creating a new document: Cntrl N
Opening an existing document: Cntrl O
Closing a Document: Cntrl W

Today we are working on Shopfront Dummies.

The lesson plan for this exercise can be found on the following link:

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Practice Post

This is a practice post.


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