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Today we are going to create a poster to display around the room. The poster is one for a nightclub.  Similar to the one shown here.
Download these images to use for tracing.

Create a new document with the following proportions: 420mm by 297mm
You will be using the pen tool to create paths
The layers to create different shapes
3D objects to create the sphere
Painting and drawing
Creating lines
Using Type

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Texture Exercises

  1. Complete the student photo montage
  2. Click the link to complete the texture exercises. Textures
  3. If you complete the textures then you can do Exercise 6 in your photoshop folder. Unzip the assets of the flag and the statue and open the accompanying pdf.
    You can make an animated gif that advertises something. Make the new document 800px by 600px. It is up to you what you choose to animate for your advertisement.
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Student Photo Assignment

Copying and Pasting the Images

1/         Open the folder called new students and open up the images in Photoshop.
2/         Create  a New Document of 1500px by 1500px
3/         One by one start placing the students into the new document

  • Control A (highlights the canvas)
  • Control C (copies the canvas)
  • Control V (pastes the canvas)

4/         Each image that you placed may need to be scaled
5/         You need to use the eraser tool to remove some of the white backgrounds on some images
6/         When you have scaled all the images and placed them on your canvas you can type in text.

Helpful Tip:     Control click your mouse to move quickly between images. This function will automatically move to the layer you want to change.

Typing in Text

  • Using your text tool type in text.  You can make the text anything you want but it must include Class of 2012.

Create a Background

1/         Create a new layer.
2/         Use  the square marquee tool to select the image and use the paint bucket to fill color.
3/         Move this layer to the bottom of the stack
4/         Use the Filter tools to experiment with different affects.
I used a combination of filters including stained glass, Gaussian blur, noise and watercolour.
5/         Create the vignette by using the marquee tool and pull it over the images but leave a gap at the edge of the canvas. Then go to Select – Modify – Feather and give it a value of 50. Fill with black.
6/         Flatten your image and print out.


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Manipulating Faces

To get some idea of how much images are manipulated for magazine covers watch the video on Photoshop and enhancing images.

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