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Drawing 3D wheels

Today we will continue with our drawing of the exploded view of the cart. We will also try and attempt to create the wheels in 3D. If you wish to do this yourself the worksheet is below:

We will make a start on the 3D wheels in the second half of the double.

For those of you who were unable to do the exploded view of the cart you can start on your homework. Read through Chapter 9 of the Cambridge Senior Design and Technology Book.
Then answer the questions in Chapter 9 of the toolkit (this is the other book that accompanies the Design book)
This will need to be finished in the double period.

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More perspective drawing

Continue with the following exercises:

Estimated Projection (You can do this in your visual diary or ask for the printout)
Estimated Perspective (Box) Try to do this one in Illustrator

Exploded Views

Read through the following information about exploded views and then complete the exercises.

1. Exploded Views – 1
2. Exploded Views – 2
3. Exploded Views – 3
4. Exploded Views – 4
5. Exploded views produced through CAD (Computer Aided Design)
6. Exploded Views Exercise – Disassembled Hacksaw

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Perspective Drawing 2

Now that you have an understanding of perspective drawing we will move on to 2 point perspective.

1. Two Point Perspective(1)
2. Two Point Perspective (2)
3. Two Point Perspective – Question

1/Please complete exercise 1,2&3. I will give you the worksheets.
2/ When you have completed these exercises you are to do exercise 4 in Illustrator using the 2 point perspective grid. Complete the exercise as shown in this worksheet.

4. House with Flat Roof – Two Point Perspective

If you manage to complete all of the above worksheets then proceed onto the exercises below.

5. House with Conventional Roof – Two Point Perspective
6. Estimated Perspective – House Design

Shading Examples
7. Example – External View of a Bungalow – 1
8. Example – External View of a Bungalow – 2
9. Example – External View of a Bungalow – 3
10. Example – External View of a Bungalow – 4
11. Example – External View of a Bungalow – 5

Homework Task
The pencil sharpener

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Color and Packaging

In order to complete the homework task set for this weekend you will neeed to read through the following information about color schemes and visit your local supermarket.

1/ 1. Primary, Secondary and Complementary Colours
2/ 2. Colours, Feelings, Emotions and Atmosphere
3/ 3. Colour – Moods and Emotions
4/ 4. Colours and Cultures (Buildings)
5/ 5. Art Deco – 1
6/ 6. Art Deco – 2
7/ 7. Colours and Cultures (Countries)
8/ 8. Colours and Selling Products

Once you have read through the above please do the worksheet (provided in class but here is the link if you need it).
9. The Chinese New Year – Cultural Images

Illustrator and working with gradients:
In today’s class we will be working on making an owl using various tools including the pen tool, ellipse, blends and transparencies. You can find the PDF for this lesson below.

How to Create a Curious Owl in Illustrator CS4 _

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Digital Media Year 9

Go to the following link and do Exercise 3 and download the image colored building.

The pdf that accompanies this image is:

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CAD Perspective Drawing

This lesson will be a combination of hand drawing and working in Illustrator. To begin you will continue with perspective drawing. Work through the links below. I have the drawing sheets to accompany the exercises so after you work through each one you can get another sheet off me.

5. Traditional Chair in Single Point Perspective
6. The Table – Single Point Perspective (worksheet)
7. Dressing Table – Single Point Perspective
8. Interior Room  – Single Point Perspective
9. Example – Room Interior in Single Point Perspective
10. More Examples – Single Point Perspective
11.  Complete a Room Interior (worksheet)
12. Design an Interior of a Room.
13. Logo and Packaging (homework task)

Illustrator Task:
Using shapes, lines, fills and gradients we will create an alien landscape.

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Drawing Theory and Exercises

Go to the following website:

Read through the following exercises on coloured pencils:
2. Simple Shading Techniques – Curved Surfaces – (Plastics and Metals)
3. Examples of Simple Shading Techniques (Plastics)
4. Card Composite Drawings – (Plastics)
5. Shading Natural Woods
6. Drawing/Shading Exercise 1
7. Drawing/Shading Exercise 2
8. Shading Exercise 3
9. Shading Techniques Exam Question
10. Shading Exercise – Coloured Pencils or Felt Pens

Perspective Drawing:

We will then move onto exercises about perspective drawing: Read through the following link:

1/ Complete the following exercises


2/ Your name in 3D

3/ Illustrator

How would we represent these drawings in Illustrator
Drawing your name in 3D using lines
Drawing your name in 3D using the 3D Tool

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Year 9 Digital Media

Welcome to year 9 digital media. Today we will be working on the scrarecrow. Click the link to download.


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Drawing a monster in illustrator

This term we are going to be doing a lot of drawing in 2 programs: Illustrator and 3D Studio Max

Illustrator has similar tools to Photoshop but the difference is that it is specifically a drawing program rather than one to manipulate photographs. Illustrator creates small file sizes and it does not pixelate no matter how much you increase the size of our drawing. These are called Vector Graphics whereas photoshop images are called Bitmaps.

We will be using a series of drawing handouts to get you started in Illustrator.

We will also move onto 3D studio Max once you have practised drawing characters in Illustrator.

Download this document to start on your first drawing:

cartoon monster

If you are feeling particularly energetic (since it is your first digital media class this year) you can start on the Owl.

How to Create a Curious Owl

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