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Logos Research

1/ Then do the following game to test your logo knowledge of cars

2/Logos are more than branding or identity. A logo is a design that sums up the company in a visual way. Read through the following post about logo design.

When you have read throught the post, answer in your own words the three questions.

What is brand?
What is identity?
What is a logo?

3/ Look at the worst design logos and why they failed

4/ Then read the following post about inspirational logos. All of this is preparation for your logo assignment.

5/ For your assignment this link will contain all the research you will need to conduct


More Drawing Exercises

  • Distribution of Assessment Task: Design Principles (Assessment Due: 21 March 2013)
  • Read through the Assignment and then ask questions as needed.
  • Do some design exercises based on shape, color, tone

Continue with the exercises on drawing.

Explanation of Isometric Drawing

Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3

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oranges and lemons

Here is a tutorial on creating an orange in Illustrator.

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The 3D Wheel Disaster

As you have noticed, creating a 3D object is not as straightforward as it might have appeared. The good news is that mapping to an object is pretty easy. The bad news is the rest of the wheel!

What can we salvage from the exercise?

Lines – straight, dotted and dashed, thick lines, smooth lines etc…..

Lines are the first design principle we are going to have a look at from the exercise.

Oblique Drawing
What is it? Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3 

If we have time we will make a cute monster in Illustrator (this is much easier than the 3D wheel, I promise).

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