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Cave paintings

Photoshop allows us to create some amazing techniques. One of these is creating an ancient cave painting like our prehistoric ancestors did (without computers and often in the dark!)

Luckily we can do the same thing and recreate the ocher colored cave paintings of our ancestors.

There are three parts to this exercise:

Part 1: Click on this tutorial to start your cave painting.

Part 2: When you have finished the first part you are to complete the second tutorial. Use an image of the internet for the animal cave painting and one of your own for an original cave painting.

Part 3: Then make a complete cave wall using a mixture of animal pictures and your own pictures.

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Layers and Selections

When you have finished doing the two exercises based on your own pictures you can move onto Chapter 11 and Chapter 12.

Images for Chapter 11

Images for Chapter 12

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Today we will be looking at the videos from and completing the exercises. I have uploaded all the pictures you will need for the exercises.

Photoshop CS6 Essential Training by Julieanne Kost

I want you to start from Chapter 10 – Cropping and Transformations

Part 1

  • Do all the exercises in this chapter using the appropriate images that I have placed below. You will need to click on the small images (called thumbnails) to make them larger. Right click and then save the picture to your documents. Make sure you download all of the pictures.
  • Start with the first exercise in chapter 10 called Using Undo and the History Panel
  • Complete all the videos in chapter 10 with the images you have saved.

Part 2

  • When you have completed all of the exercises you are to borrow a camera from me and take some original pictures around the school.  You will then recreate what you did in Scaling, Skewing and Rotating with Free Transform using your photos.
  • When you have completed this and saved it you will then use an original image for Warping Images.
  • Save all your documents and show me once you have finished.
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Barcodes in design

CAD examines how products are designed, manufactured and used within the community. Most of the time we are never aware of how much effort and research can go into design. In the following exercises you will be looking and creating barcodes. 

You may need to print out the worksheets and complete the exercises or you can use your visual diary to answer the questions. 

If you do not finish these exercises in class then finish as homework and submit next lesson.


1/ Understanding and desiging Barcodes
/ Creating your own barcodes
3/ Barcodes in manufacturing

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