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Year 9 Digital Media

We will work on Mr Ooze when I get back. In the meantime I’ve left you a short assignment. You can complete it this lesson.

Animation has been around for quite a long time. Open up a microsoft word document to answer the following questions:

  • What was the first animation ever produced?
  • What was the first full length animation movie released?
  • What is silhouette animation?
  • What is the difference between 2D and 3D animation?
  • What was the first 3D animation ever released?
  • How long does one single Simpsons episode take to make?
  • How long does it take to make a full length 3D animation?
  • How do they get actors for 2D and 3D animations? Do they get the actor first or do they cast the role after they’ve made the animation?
  • What will be the next big breakthrough for animation?
  • What country makes the most animations?
  • What is the best animation you have seen and why?

Once you have completed all the questions email your answers to


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Year 10 Skateboard Game

We need a few more assets before you can start coding your skateboard game.

Create a movie clip (F8) and call it background.

Then create some assets inside the movie clip. These assets will be things that your skateboarder might hit like rocks, cars, trees, furry animals, people, babies etc…..Each asset that you create must be a graphic. So for example, if you create a rock then press F8 to make it a graphic.

So what you will have is a series of graphics inside a movie clip.

Try and create as many things that your skater could hit as possible. Your skater might also have to avoid birds flying at him/her or all sorts of strange objects.

You should draw around a dozen things that could hit your skater.

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Finish Design Brief

While I am away you can work through your design brief and have them ready for me on my return. In previous posts I have uploaded a link to writing a design brief, I have also uploaded one student’s brief to follow.

Also, you can read Chapter 2 of  your text book 100 Ways and follow their example of a design brief.

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