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Design Principles and Elements

Your assignment for Design Principles and Elements

Elements and Principles of Design

Here are some useful resources for your assessment task.

Example of CAD student writen work

design elements

Information on design elements and priciples.




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Colored Building

Go to the following link to do the building exercise.

When this has been completed please go to this link and do the barrell.

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The three men exercise

Go tot he following link:

Click and go save as for the following files:
Ordinary Man
Business Man
Punk Man

Complete the three exercises just like you did for the Scarecrow. Make sure you name each layer.

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Welcome to year 9 Digital Media

Today we will be doing the scarecrow exercise in photoshop.

Click here for the image.

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Writing Design Briefs

In the last lesson we looked at the steps involved in the design process.

What are some steps towards creating a design?

How do you judge the effectiveness of the design? How do you test it on people given OH&S concerns?

What is a prototype?

Read page 7 of your textbook from Design Processes Undertaken when designing

Write a design brief for an ultra light rail instead of buses. Using the dot points as a guide address the same issues.

Complete the drawing exercise on the handout sheet

And remember – if you get sick of listening to me then check out this guy!

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Design Briefs

Look around the room and think of 5 designs you can see

What are they?

Describe the color, texture, size, purpose of the design

If you were to asked by someone who had never seen or knew the purpose of the design how would you describe it.

  • What need is it fulfilling?
  • How do you know it has fulfilled its purpose?              

How would you work out the cost

How would you ensure it meets safety standards?

Redesign the Quad

The quad currently is an open, uncovered space.

How can it be improved?

Redesign the quad and take into account the purpose of the redesign.

  • Is it to stimulate students, provide a peaceful environment?
  • Is it for safety.
  • What sort of materials would you use.
  • What would be the cost?
  • How do you convey the design to the client?
  • What sort of research would you need to to? How do you convince someone that you have the right design idea?
  • How do you convey the design visually?
  • Would you use a walk-through?
  • What software might you use?

Write up the design brief for the quad.


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