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Colored Building Image link

Go to the folliwing link and find the Colored Building image

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What are logos?

Over the next few weeks you will be looking at and then designing logos.

Logos are everywhere. Make notes on the following

  • Describe the design and colors of the logo on your Marist school uniform
  • What is the logo on your drink bottle?
  • What is the logo on your mobile?
  • What are some of the logos on your clothing and shoes at home?

1/ Make a list of all the logos you would see in one day.This includes logos on videos and sites you visit on your phone.

2/ Then, go to this logo game link underneath and see how you go identifying logos.

3/ Click the link underneath and study the worst logo designs and why they failed

3/ Redesign a famous logo

You will need a sheet of paper and some color pencils to redesign a logo. If you don’t have color pencils then you will have to use shading techniques

  • Choose a popular logo from McDonalds, KFC, Coca Cola, Nike, Adidas, Apple or Microsoft.

Redesign the logo you have chosen and change it in the following way.

  • Change the symbol on the logo (for example, McDonalds has the two arches, KFC has the Colonel and Apple has an apple, Nike has a tick). Change them to something different
  • Change the colors in the logo
  • Change the way the type looks in the logo

Do 3 different sketch designs for your chosen logo

Answer the following questions:
How hard is it to redesign a famous logo?
What choices did you make about the colors, symbols and type on the logo?
What sort of skills do you need to design a logo?

At the end of class put your name on your designs and give them to the supervising teacher.

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Download the statue and the cityscape



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Download the barrel image to use in class today.

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Download this photo to illustrator.


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