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1960s poster

jimi henrix poster

Today we will make a 1960s inspired poster using:

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Student Photo Link

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Dance Poster

Today we will be creating a dance poster.  You will need to change your photoshop document to A3 settings. Then you can go onto the internet and find the following:

  • People dancing
  • A disco ball
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Design a Logo for your name

For the past few weeks we have been looking at designing logos. For this assessment task you are to create a logo based on your name. Use a combination of text and symbols. For example, use a drawing to replace a letter in your name.

  • Think about how your name could be used to advertising a service
  • What letters in your name can be used as symbols
  • Do you use all your name or abbreviations
  • How can you use color to make your name interesting
  • Sketch down ideas before you attempt to make a logo in Illustrator.
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Tracing a logo

Click on the logo and save to your pictures.

Use this video to start your tracing:

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The Pen Game

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Logo Resources

A good site for logo resources.—personal-logos.html

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Pen Tool Game

Try this pen tool game to see how well you do with the pen.

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Student Photos

Follow this link to get your photo.

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Go to the following link and download these items:

Flowers White
Pink Flowers
More Flowers
Yellow Flower

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