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Year 9 Stop Motion

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Premiere Pro Editing

Some tutorials to get you started. Begin with tutorial 3.

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After Effects Tutorials

For Digital Media Students

After Effects for Beginners_ Effects & Animation



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Subject Selection Short Films

You are going to film a video for subject selection night. The video will contain the following:

  • Short interviews (no longer than 1-2 minutes) with students studying the course
  • Interview with the teacher
  • General shots of the students and the teacher in the classroom

Questions to consider asking the students:
Why are you studying this course
How will it help you with your career/future studies
Would you encourage others to study this course
What are the most fun aspects of the course
What do students need to succeed in this course

Questions to consider asking the teacher
What is the course about
Who should study the course
What are the main skills needed to successfully pass this course

These are meant to be short, fun films – no longer than 3 minutes. You can film more footage but it will have to be heavily edited.
It is best to pick a subject you like.
Organise a time to speak to the subject teacher and don’t just go in and film.

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