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Here is the template for the flat pack toy.



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1960s poster

jimi henrix poster

Today we will make a 1960s inspired poster using:

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Pen Tool Game

Try this pen tool game to see how well you do with the pen.

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Colored Building Image link

Go to the folliwing link and find the Colored Building image

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Download this photo to illustrator.


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Basic Illustrator Tutorials

Here are some great illustrator resources for beginners

Work through these tutorials and then rate them as either useful or not useful.


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Making a flat pack toy

Flat Pack Toys Assessment Task

Here are the directions to make your very own Flat Pack Toy Read the directions and then sketch your character design before you start working in Illustrator. flat pack toy

Here is how you will be marked: scoresheets_flatpacktoy

Examples of previous toys studentwork

When you have finished your toy you are to fill out the Flat Pack Toy Evaluation

Here are more directions to make a toy.

Here are lots of toys to construct:

More examples:
More student examples

When you have completed your designs, printed them out and then constructed them you will turn your own flatpcak toy into a 3D animation.

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Year 9 Cartoons

Create a ‘Day in the Life Cartoon.’

Using Illustrator you are to create a series of comic strip panels about a day in your life.

You can use photos, scan in images, trace images or create cartoons from scratch.

You will need to use speech bubbles, cartoon words such as biff, whack, bop etc…. and backgrounds for your cartoons.

You do not need to make a comic of a real day in your life but you will need original of yourself and trace them in Illustrator or use a photosgraphy with a cartoon background image.

Look at comic strips online and see how they layout their work.  There are lots of different types of comics and you will need to choose a style.

Then you create your own panels in illustrator.

Due Date: July 4, 2013

Criteria D = 1 C = 2 B = 3 A = 4
Research and collate information
  •   Source relevant information of cartoons
  •   Watched relevant Lynda/Youtube videos
Creation of Assets
  •   Can utilise software package
  •   Creates comic using correct formats
  •   Can manage set task within timeline
Finished Product
  •   Presents a successful comic strip on theme.
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Logos Research

1/ Then do the following game to test your logo knowledge of cars

2/Logos are more than branding or identity. A logo is a design that sums up the company in a visual way. Read through the following post about logo design.

When you have read throught the post, answer in your own words the three questions.

What is brand?
What is identity?
What is a logo?

3/ Look at the worst design logos and why they failed

4/ Then read the following post about inspirational logos. All of this is preparation for your logo assignment.

5/ For your assignment this link will contain all the research you will need to conduct