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Creating a Matisse painting

Assessment Task 1

You are to create a version of a Matisse painting using shapes.

Download this Layers Project Photoshop to get started.

Assessment Task 2

Put yourself into a Renaissance painting

Download this Renaissance Portrait for information

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Download these pictures and get a picture of yourself for this exercise.

stone_texture2399 orkeny island stones

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Creating a hand butterfly


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Photoshop Painting a sea exercise

Go to this link and create a painting of waves.

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Flooded city

Go to this link and download the zip file.—photoshop-environments.html

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Comic Books

Go to the following link and download the following zip files:

Black and White Templates
Bubbles and Effects

Right click to unzip the files and save them onto your hard drive.

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Student Photos

Follow this link to get your photo.

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Go to the following link and download these items:

Flowers White
Pink Flowers
More Flowers
Yellow Flower

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How to slice up you photoshop page and export for dreamweaver

Once you’ve sliced it up then you can put it together in Dreamweaver.

This video shows you how to slice up your photoshop document

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Photoshop website tutorial

Here is a photoshop tutorial to give you some idea of how to design for the web.


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