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How to insert a slideshow in dreamweaver

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The design process from Photoshop to Dreamweaver

Here is an overview of how to design websites for classes.

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How to slice up you photoshop page and export for dreamweaver

Once you’ve sliced it up then you can put it together in Dreamweaver.

This video shows you how to slice up your photoshop document

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Photoshop website tutorial

Here is a photoshop tutorial to give you some idea of how to design for the web.


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Photoshop and web design

Download this ebook to start doing the photoshop exercises for web design.

web design and photoshop

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Design resources

Good design resource

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Making a flat pack toy

Flat Pack Toys Assessment Task

Here are the directions to make your very own Flat Pack Toy Read the directions and then sketch your character design before you start working in Illustrator. flat pack toy

Here is how you will be marked: scoresheets_flatpacktoy

Examples of previous toys studentwork

When you have finished your toy you are to fill out the Flat Pack Toy Evaluation

Here are more directions to make a toy.

Here are lots of toys to construct:

More examples:
More student examples

When you have completed your designs, printed them out and then constructed them you will turn your own flatpcak toy into a 3D animation.

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Color Theory, logo design and typography

To help you with your logo watch the following videos.

Then watch this one about color theory.

And here is one about typography

Then go into and find this course

Designing a logo with Nigel French

Complete all of the illustrator tutorials in Chapter 4

You will need a set of headphones to hear it properly. Otherwise you can turn on the closed captions option and read it.

By the end of this week you will have watched all the videos, sketched out 30 logos and have it ready to start in illustrator.

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Logo Assignment

Our next assessment task is on logos. Click on the following links to make a start.

1/ Research: logos-research/
2/Watch this powerpoint about variations on logo design Logo variation

Design a Logo_2014

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Design Principles and Elements

Your assignment for Design Principles and Elements

Elements and Principles of Design

Here are some useful resources for your assessment task.

Example of CAD student writen work

design elements

Information on design elements and priciples.




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