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Drawing Theory and Exercises

Go to the following website:

Read through the following exercises on coloured pencils:
2. Simple Shading Techniques – Curved Surfaces – (Plastics and Metals)
3. Examples of Simple Shading Techniques (Plastics)
4. Card Composite Drawings – (Plastics)
5. Shading Natural Woods
6. Drawing/Shading Exercise 1
7. Drawing/Shading Exercise 2
8. Shading Exercise 3
9. Shading Techniques Exam Question
10. Shading Exercise – Coloured Pencils or Felt Pens

Perspective Drawing:

We will then move onto exercises about perspective drawing: Read through the following link:

1/ Complete the following exercises


2/ Your name in 3D

3/ Illustrator

How would we represent these drawings in Illustrator
Drawing your name in 3D using lines
Drawing your name in 3D using the 3D Tool

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Dreamweaver Tutorials

Please finish the dreamweaver site. I have created a selection of videos for you to help you complete the task.

starting a dreamweaver site (for those of you who haven’t done it yet)
creating links
inserting images
inserting swfs and essays
inserting videos (optional)
When you have completed the website you can send me your work as a zip file.

To create a zip file:
Navigate back to the documents folder and find your portfolio folder
right click and select Send To
Select zipped folder
Once it is zipped, attach it and send to me.


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Lip Synching Exercise

Download the following image to complete the lip synching exercise.

Lip Synching

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The Magical Jukebox or Fortune Teller

For this task we are going to make a jukebox. Download the instructions:

Fortune Teller Game

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My Day Out

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Pearson Publishing Workshop

Hunger Games Actors

Today it was a beautiful day in Sydney to run a workshop about blogging. The workshop, in Paramatta was attended by 6 people. The day was spent going over how to set up a blog, some of its uses in the classroom and how it provides a platform for sharing.

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