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Download this photo to illustrator.


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Illustrator test and worksheets

Please work through the following files in Illustrator.

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Basic Illustrator Tutorials

Here are some great illustrator resources for beginners

Work through these tutorials and then rate them as either useful or not useful.


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Year 10 HTML Assignment

Make 6 linking web pages. They must have the three menu items below as well as 3 of your own pages.


You must include:
Your logo
A video
An email address.

The navigation bar can either be at the top of the page or at the side of the page.

To complete this task you will need to get all of the code from the following website.

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The Year 10 digital media graduating class

digital media 2013

Thanks for all the fun over the past two years guys.

Good luck in the digital future.

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Stop Motion Animation Assessment

Watch these videos for inspiration (I particularly like the human skateboard)

Then think about what you want to do.

Start by:

Forming a group of 2 to 3 people.

  • brainstorming ideas
  • creating a plot
  • Writing a storyline
  • consider what material to use which can include:
  1. Clay
  2. Plasticine
  3. Toys
  4. People
  •  Then borrow a camera and take pictures – lots of pictures
  • Put pictures into video editing program (preferably Premiere) but you can use Movie Maker.
  • Watch tutorials on on Premiere

Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training with Antony Bolante

All videos must have a soundtrack. This can be voices or it can be music

A credit sequence clearly showing who worked on the film and what their roles were

Videos to be shown to your classmates and all other year level digital media students
If they are any good they will go on my blog for future students to admire!

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Next term I’d like you to start working with video. Watch the first half of first animation to get an idea of how we can do stop motion animation.

And, I’ve put this 3D animation in because I think it is a good example of social activism.

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Year 10 Skateboard Game

We need a few more assets before you can start coding your skateboard game.

Create a movie clip (F8) and call it background.

Then create some assets inside the movie clip. These assets will be things that your skateboarder might hit like rocks, cars, trees, furry animals, people, babies etc…..Each asset that you create must be a graphic. So for example, if you create a rock then press F8 to make it a graphic.

So what you will have is a series of graphics inside a movie clip.

Try and create as many things that your skater could hit as possible. Your skater might also have to avoid birds flying at him/her or all sorts of strange objects.

You should draw around a dozen things that could hit your skater.

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Digital Media Year 10

1/ For those of you in the class that are doing gaming in Flash you are going to start a project on creating a game for an IOS device. The course is here:

You will need to download the exercise files that accompany this course.

2/ For those  of you who wish to continue with Photoshop you can do this course:

You will also need to get the exercise files from me.

3/ For those of you who would like to do video editing and special effects you can start with this course:

You will need to get the exercise files from me.

You will be working on this all term. By the end of the term you will have a finished product for assessment.

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