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Create a tutorial

Experiment with Photoshop techniques and create something original.

1/step by step guide to reconstruct the exercise
2/ Take screen captures
3/ Your tutorial has to be clear so that it can teach others.

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Creating a Matisse painting

Assessment Task 1

You are to create a version of a Matisse painting using shapes.

Download this Layers Project Photoshop to get started.

Assessment Task 2

Put yourself into a Renaissance painting

Download this Renaissance Portrait for information

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Download these pictures and get a picture of yourself for this exercise.

stone_texture2399 orkeny island stones

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Creating a hand butterfly


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Hand and mouth lesson

Left Hand MainPortrait Mouth01 Mouth02 RightHand Rust

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Go to the following link and download these items:

Flowers White
Pink Flowers
More Flowers
Yellow Flower

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Year 9 Illustrator Tutorial

If you have finished your comic then please follow this tutorial.–vector-26243

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Illustrator test and worksheets

Please work through the following files in Illustrator.

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Special Effects Assignment

CGI (Computer Generated Images) is used almost all the time in movies. Answer the following questions regarding special effects.

What are?

1/          Animation Composting,
2/          Chroma Blue,
3/          Transparent background detail,
4/          Blood pack,
5/          Humanized effects,
6/          Motion Capture

Famous Special Effects in movies

1/         Why was Star Wars considered to have ground breaking special effects
2/         What was Stanley Kubriks ‘2001’ and why is the movie considered important.
3/         What special effects were used in Titanic?
5/         The Matrix featured a special effect called Bullet Time. What is bullet time and why was it ground breaking?
6/         What special effects were used in the movie Inception?
7/         How was the character of Gollum created in Lord of the Rings? Describe the process.
8/         What sort of skills would you suggest people have in order to work in movies creating special effects and animation
9/         The recent Planet of the Apes had excellent special effects. How did they film the actors playing apes?
10/       Do special effects make a movie better or distract from the plot?
11/       Name some movies that you think had good special effects.

Watch the following documentary on Robocop and then list some of the techniques used for special effects.

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Animation Questions

Animation has been around for quite a long time. Open up a microsoft word document to answer the following questions:

  • What was the first animation ever produced?
  • What was the first full length animation movie released?
  • What is silhouette animation?
  • What is the difference between 2D and 3D animation?
  • What was the first 3D animation ever released?
  • How long does one single Simpsons episode take to make?
  • How long does it take to make a full length 3D animation?
  • How do they get actors for 2D and 3D animations? Do they get the actor first or do they cast the role after they’ve made the animation?
  • What will be the next big breakthrough for animation?
  • What country makes the most animations?
  • What is the best animation you have seen and why?

Once you have completed all the questions email your answers to



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