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Creating a Cereal Box in 3D

Photoshop has a realistic 3D toolbar that can be used to create a package.

In this exercise you will design a cereal box in 3D. The cereal box will be a brand new cereal and can comprise whatever you want to eat for breakfast (it does not have to be real for example it could be banana toast flavoured wheat grains)

You will need to research cereal boxes. Google all sorts of cereal and look at their design.

When you have looked at cereal boxes you are to take a screen capture on your keyboard and put the various designs into a word document about the cereal.

Then open Photoshop and create your cereal box. All cereal boxes have the following:

  • Front (this is a picture of the cereal)
  • Side (more pictures)
  • Back (nutritional information)

Create the four sides of your cereal box.

You will then put the cereal box onto a 3D object. To do this you will need to watch the Lynda Videos. Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One: 3D Fundamentals Chapter 3: Drawing 3D Objects with Repousse


Criteria   D = 1 C = 2 B = 3 A = 4
Research and collate information
  •   Source relevant information on product
  •   Presents solutions References all ideas and   pictures
  •   Watched relevant Lynda/Youtube videos
Creation of Assets
  •   Can utilise software package
  •   Can manage set task within timeline
Finished Product
  •   Presents a successful 3D cereal package



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