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Year 9 Cartoons

Create a ‘Day in the Life Cartoon.’

Using Illustrator you are to create a series of comic strip panels about a day in your life.

You can use photos, scan in images, trace images or create cartoons from scratch.

You will need to use speech bubbles, cartoon words such as biff, whack, bop etc…. and backgrounds for your cartoons.

You do not need to make a comic of a real day in your life but you will need original of yourself and trace them in Illustrator or use a photosgraphy with a cartoon background image.

Look at comic strips online and see how they layout their work.  There are lots of different types of comics and you will need to choose a style.

Then you create your own panels in illustrator.

Due Date: July 4, 2013

Criteria D = 1 C = 2 B = 3 A = 4
Research and collate information
  •   Source relevant information of cartoons
  •   Watched relevant Lynda/Youtube videos
Creation of Assets
  •   Can utilise software package
  •   Creates comic using correct formats
  •   Can manage set task within timeline
Finished Product
  •   Presents a successful comic strip on theme.
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