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Finish Design Brief

While I am away you can work through your design brief and have them ready for me on my return. In previous posts I have uploaded a link to writing a design brief, I have also uploaded one student’s brief to follow.

Also, you can read Chapter 2 of  your text book 100 Ways and follow their example of a design brief.

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Design Briefs

Before you begin using the software for your major project you need to understand how to put together a design brief. Here is an example from a previous student:


Once you have completed the design brief you then start sketching in your visual diary. Please check the diaries provided so you get an idea of what is expected.

Once you’ve completed the brief, sketches and evidence of research then you should start working on your chosen software. All of this work is marked. Not just your overall design.

When you have finished your project you then have to write a research essay of 1,000 words.

cad evaluation
Major Assessment Project

Here is an example of an essay that got an EA. This is the sort of standard you need in order to get a high mark on this essay. Please note: this is from TQA level 3 and the essay is 1500 words. Your essay only needs to be 1,000.

design essay

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How to do a design brief

Here is how to create a design brief. You need to complete this process and hand in with your major assignment. Have a read through it and ask me questions if you are confused.

design brief

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