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Logo Assignment

Our next assessment task is on logos. Click on the following links to make a start.

1/ Research: logos-research/
2/Watch this powerpoint about variations on logo design Logo variation

Design a Logo_2014

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Color and Packaging

In order to complete the homework task set for this weekend you will neeed to read through the following information about color schemes and visit your local supermarket.

1/ 1. Primary, Secondary and Complementary Colours
2/ 2. Colours, Feelings, Emotions and Atmosphere
3/ 3. Colour – Moods and Emotions
4/ 4. Colours and Cultures (Buildings)
5/ 5. Art Deco – 1
6/ 6. Art Deco – 2
7/ 7. Colours and Cultures (Countries)
8/ 8. Colours and Selling Products

Once you have read through the above please do the worksheet (provided in class but here is the link if you need it).
9. The Chinese New Year – Cultural Images

Illustrator and working with gradients:
In today’s class we will be working on making an owl using various tools including the pen tool, ellipse, blends and transparencies. You can find the PDF for this lesson below.

How to Create a Curious Owl in Illustrator CS4 _

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