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Creating a Matisse painting

Assessment Task 1

You are to create a version of a Matisse painting using shapes.

Download this Layers Project Photoshop to get started.

Assessment Task 2

Put yourself into a Renaissance painting

Download this Renaissance Portrait for information

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Hand and mouth lesson

Left Hand MainPortrait Mouth01 Mouth02 RightHand Rust

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How to slice up you photoshop page and export for dreamweaver

Once you’ve sliced it up then you can put it together in Dreamweaver.

This video shows you how to slice up your photoshop document

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Photoshop and web design

Download this ebook to start doing the photoshop exercises for web design.

web design and photoshop

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lynda logos lynda2 lynda3 lynda5 lynda6 lyndabutton lyndalogo lyndalogo2

Making an A3 Poster Assignment Details

Use the above pictures to create an A3 Poster in Photoshop. The poster must include these details:

Still thinking about that $30 million dollar app?

Get learning and start earning!

For more instructions or further details go to:
Marist Facebook page

Or see Ms Bell

lynda poster

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Layers and Selections

When you have finished doing the two exercises based on your own pictures you can move onto Chapter 11 and Chapter 12.

Images for Chapter 11

Images for Chapter 12

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Digital Media Year 9

Go to the following link and do Exercise 3 and download the image colored building.

The pdf that accompanies this image is:

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