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Today we will be looking at the videos from and completing the exercises. I have uploaded all the pictures you will need for the exercises.

Photoshop CS6 Essential Training by Julieanne Kost

I want you to start from Chapter 10 – Cropping and Transformations

Part 1

  • Do all the exercises in this chapter using the appropriate images that I have placed below. You will need to click on the small images (called thumbnails) to make them larger. Right click and then save the picture to your documents. Make sure you download all of the pictures.
  • Start with the first exercise in chapter 10 called Using Undo and the History Panel
  • Complete all the videos in chapter 10 with the images you have saved.

Part 2

  • When you have completed all of the exercises you are to borrow a camera from me and take some original pictures around the school.  You will then recreate what you did in Scaling, Skewing and Rotating with Free Transform using your photos.
  • When you have completed this and saved it you will then use an original image for Warping Images.
  • Save all your documents and show me once you have finished.
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