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Drawing Theory and Exercises

Go to the following website:

Read through the following exercises on coloured pencils:
2. Simple Shading Techniques – Curved Surfaces – (Plastics and Metals)
3. Examples of Simple Shading Techniques (Plastics)
4. Card Composite Drawings – (Plastics)
5. Shading Natural Woods
6. Drawing/Shading Exercise 1
7. Drawing/Shading Exercise 2
8. Shading Exercise 3
9. Shading Techniques Exam Question
10. Shading Exercise – Coloured Pencils or Felt Pens

Perspective Drawing:

We will then move onto exercises about perspective drawing: Read through the following link:

1/ Complete the following exercises


2/ Your name in 3D

3/ Illustrator

How would we represent these drawings in Illustrator
Drawing your name in 3D using lines
Drawing your name in 3D using the 3D Tool

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